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Store Manager for osCommerce
Price: $199 now $149
Store Manager for osCommerce is a Windows application to quickly and effectively manage your osCommerce online store.
  • - You can manage osCommerce products, osCommerce product attributes, categories, manufacturers, orders and other things.
  • - You can export osCommerce products into Excel file, edit it and then import products into osCommerce store - batch updates are so fast now!
  • - Import products into osCommerce from your supplier
    osCommerce product import is one of the prominent features, import from Excel/CSV into osCommerce in seconds
  • - You can update your store product quantities, prices and other data using file from your supplier - just import that file into osCommerce! - Ultimate osCommerce product attribute management allows you to quickly add, remove and edit product attributes in a matter of seconds with few mouse clicks.
  • - Simple category tree with Drag&Drop supported - quickly find and rearrange products in categories using your mouse.
  • - Easy populate feature - using simple clipboard copy/paste osCommerce product attribute can be copied to multiple products in few seconds.
  • - You can create your own osCommerce Custom Reports - it's easy, just some basic SQL skills required
  • -Quick product search, advanced filters, order notifications, support for native characters (Japanese, Arabic etc.) and many other usefull features.
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Store Manager for osCommerce Features
  • Supports osCommerce version 2.2 (Milestone 1, 2)

  • Supports osCommRes
  • Supports ZenCart - table prefix zen_ should be specified in preferences
    Should work with other product versions
  • Access management - create multiple users with separate access rights to keep your store under control
  • Import from Excel / CSV to osCommerce within seconds, advanced osCommerce product import available
  • Export to Excel / CSV from osCommerce, advanced osCommerce product export wizard available
  • Add, delete, modify products, categories, product manufacturers, product options
  • View, edit, print reports, invoices
  • Easy product navigation, quick search, filters
  • PHP MySQL bridge - work with your store without direct MySQL connection
  • Embedded MySQL server - work locally with your data and put changes to remote database when all changes are done - will save your time especially for slow connections
  • Image management functions (if FTP provided)
  • Extended attribute editor with download attributes - quickly manage product attributes.
  • Instant changes - all changes you made applied to your store immediately, no synchronization, no delayed updates.
  • Multilanguage, you can manage all languages in your virtual store.
  • Product copy/paste feature - easy move products between categories and stores!
  • Attribute copy/paste feature - configure one product with proper attributes and then just populate all other products with attributes by one mouse click
  • Additional fields - for products, customers and reports
  • Editable reports - reports can be edited with Report Tool, modified or translated to another language
  • osCommerce Custom Reports - design your own reports with advanced query builder and report editor tool
  • SSH support - for secure connections
  • Simple and quick installation. Just run installer and click Next several timer, no unintelligible options and parameters, no stupid questions
  • Easy registration procedure. You do not need to litter your head with serials or other stuff, just input your name and click OK button, that's all
  • Supports multiple MySQL versions including MySQL 5
  • MySQL compressed protocol support for better speed!
  • Direct connection to the MySQL database (no additional php modules or server changes needed).
  • Multiple osCommerce stores management. Store your configuration data and quickly switch between stores.
  • osCommerce Database backup/restore - keep your data safe
  • Store configuration - edit all store settings in one window. Should be used by advanced users who really know what they doing
  • Encrypted passwords for increased security
  • Native Windows application. Just the program, no server side scripts, no additional modules. Run the program, specify connection settings and voila - it works!
  • User friendly interface. Only few required options - you have to work with your store but not waste your time investigating the program
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